I am fascinated by your life.

I’d like to be you for a day.   Whether that means experiencing a violent joy, quietly facing a peaceful death…..or lost love…..having a penis, having turned a penis into a vagina, having found God, having found a billion bucks, bucking a heroin habit, being a heroine or a hero.  I’d like to experience your world no matter how boring you may feel or how amazing.

But sadly, I can’t as all I know is to be myself…
..and the curiouser and the curiouser I become when I meet you. That I’ll take your picture to keep that moment of how I wanted to experience what it was like to be you.

Sharing it with the world and planting seeds with images is another gift that I love to give.  I hope to have grown, many a bountiful and virescent crops of thoughtful minds.

Thank you for stopping by.

///UPDATE: JUNE 12, 2012 ///

Although it’s small beans because it’s not an actual piece in the magazine, I am excited that my photo was chosen on the Daily Dozen by the editors of National Geographic.  It happens to be a photo I shot in Ouarzazate as I was chatting with two boys playing with their caught fish.  There are so many beautiful photos on the site daily……SO many…but to have my photo presented for a week on there means a lot.  Thanks to National Geographic!  I will work harder now….

In other news, three of my photos have been selected for a world tour exhibition out of Chengdu called “Charming Panda”.  That begins this month I believe and will be in Germany, France, Slovenia….just to name a few countries.  I am again, incredibly grateful to the Chengdu International Photography center.


///UPDATE: FEB. 2012///

I am incredibly honored to announce current exhibitions I’ve been invited to participate in; one in China, one in the US.

The first one is”Post-Earthquake Sichuan; in the eye’s of a foreigner traveling to Sichuan’s ancient towns (yeah, kinda long name.. :). In December, I, along with 5 other foreign photographers living in Beijing and Chengdu, was chosen by the Chengdu City government to participate in this exhibit along with local, renown photographers. It was an incredible, 3-day adventure and an all-expense paid trip to several ancient towns…and ultimately, we received a generous cash prize for participating. I want to thank Mr. Chen and his sons (including Leo Chen, National Geographic photographer) for hosting everyone so warmly and for the amazing opportunity. Here is a sample of one of my posted works in Chengdu.

Photo of Sichuan opera by me, photo of my photo by Razvan Ciuca

The second exhibit begins Feb 24 and will run for 6 weeks in Golden, Colorado at the Bradford Washburn Mountaineering Museum.  Link for the exhibition (sorry, copy and paste deal here):  http://www.mountaineeringmuseum.org/events.php?id=PhotoContest

Lastly, in November, I was invited by a Catalan mountaineering team to the beautiful mountain range of Siguniang in western Sichuan where I documented the preparations and beginnings of their attempt for a first ascent on the highest (6,250 m) and most unpredictable peak. It was truly an adventure (and a workout!) keeping up with these four strong men. Thanks to those experiences, I was published in Spain’s number one online mountaineering magazine, Desnivel.

More to come!

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