A drop in.

Posted on Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 11:08 am

My favorite flamingo at Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park.  He was pretty aggressive (I think he put the value with meeting me on food over friendship though).  It began raining lightly and I began to focus on the patterns the rain drops created.

How much do we appreciate our fellow, feathered creatures? They helped inspire us to fly after we poked, prodded and investigated every bit of the miracle they inherently perform in their daily lives. It’s because of them that humans are able to take flight. We take this for granted when we so thoughtlessly could give a care less if they are eat up in the engines of the same machines they taught….or apathetically hit one on the road. They feed us with their flesh and unborn offspring, cloth us in their dramatic decor, let us rest our heads on the softest pillows and keep us huddled warmly with their down in the winters. They hunt and gather for us in some cultures, they’ll pass on a message without losing its meaning…..they continue to inspire us as subjects of our art and our technology. Take them for granted? We shouldn’t.

Neck to neck; flamingo style.

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