Shoeless Shoemaker

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 at 3:39 am

Shoeless but definitely soulful.

This lovely man seemed to appear as the dark set in HK. I was exploring the alleyways and roads of the amazing city and he sat there peacefully waiting for the night to fall and just observing pedestrians. I noticed his tiny, tiny store…that was almost comparable to just a doorway. It seemed his store had been here forever, witnessing the changing phases of the city, as there was such a large stock of items that resided in his space that it would seem to take many years to build.

He smiled. And pointed to a scratchy, colorful crayon or chalk drawing to his right. He claimed responsibility for it and smiled even more. A graffiti writer!


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  1. kunal says:

    the other day i was told by a friend about something truly was raining really hard as man who pushes carts was walking past a cobbler,his slipper broken, he was struggling to get the cart to move. the cobbler stopped him and said. ”give it to me, i’ll fix it for you.”
    the man said, ” i have no money to pay you”.
    ”thats ok said the cobbler, but if you continue , you’ll have no leg as you will surely break it” and proceeded to fix it[ true story]

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