Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 11:24 am

Muslim girl in a Jewish world. Izara. Jerusalem, Israel.

As I walked around Jerusalem, having finished my tour of the Wailing Wall, she appeared not in vision but aurally.  Her cries caught my attention as I saw the Arabic girl in her Minnie Mouse dress exiting a door exhausting her energy with huffs and tears.  I cajoled her little by little to come to me and at least the curiosity of my pleas were enough to stop her crying.  Little by little she began to smile (probably from my funny, basic Arabic phrases…”esmee Christine! “my name is Christine!”) and soon her older brothers joined in and their mother also walked by a few times, eyeing me cautiously but smiling.

Izara’s “cool” older brothers. 🙂

Izara’s mother walks to and fro with finishing up the day’s tasks.

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