Tafraoute, Morocco

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 1:20 pm

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A Moroccan boy in Tafraoute restlessly awaits during moments before iftar. Women do their last minute market shopping before feasting arrives.

Tafraoute is nestled within the Anti-Atlas mountains, approximately a three-hour car drive southeast from Agadir (which is where I flew in). This village is one of the most amazing in Morocco; filled with friendly and welcoming people, an interesting history and glorious sites.  A bit on the conservative side, for women, it’s best to be a bit covered (up to neck, arms) out of respect to their local customs.  A big thank you to my local friend, Mostafa who I had met in Agadir and brought me here when I initially took interest due to it being a famous area for rockclimbing.  Unable to find a partner, I initially sussed that those attempts would be futile in 110F (43C) heat of late summer. That only means that this beautiful area awaits my second visit!


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