Sierra Visit

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 10:29 am

Blue Lake, Eastern Sierras. California.

Nature’s regal silence is the realest sound that exists in remoteness. My ears are full of majestic quiescence and it has a sensation that I can actually feel. Who would ever think that an intangible impression could feel so good? With the evolutionists in front of me, my eyes runneth over with excitement; it’s too much to bear.

As I strain to gain details… much possible, the peaks interact with me like introverted strangers. Um. They don’t say much. But I wanna know their names. I want to know where they are from….how they got there. What are they doing? Details please.

I stand there and stare.

They remain quiet. Maybe all the snow and ice is muting them and absorbing their voice.

It is killing me. I almost understand how women and men can see these mountains of personality and die to learn for themselves. If their lore was as evident and their beauty lacked enticement, the curiosity would fail to be ever-present.

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